Sunday, May 27, 2012


Sometimes you find yourself inspired when you least expect it and from the least expected source. A friend I had not been in contact with for over 12 months happened to tweet something whilst I was at my computer. This led to a brief Twitter chat and to me heading to her blog. WOW! This girl, someone I really like and respect for a lot of reasons, had hit the training hard, lost a shit load of weight, and found self confidence and self belief. To have not heard from her for so long and to basically find her a whole new person was really exciting and pleasing. Whilst I have inner motivation in my own training currently, I actually felt a little boost inside myself as I was reading her blog and chatting to her via Twitter. Tonight has been the most pleasant surprise. Congratulations, Skye. Find her here -

The Right Direction

Following the Olympic Distance Tri in Geelong in February I have really struggled for motivation in regards to fitness and exercise. There was sporatic exercise in both March and April but nothing with any consistency or purpose. I needed to set a goal! Without goals I find that I am aimless, disinterested and, to be honest, lazy. So what goal would get me off my arse? I decided it had to involve running; the days were getting shorter and riding during the week is largely impossible. As it turned out my narcicism set my new running regime - Renee and I are going to Bali at the start of July so I decided that I'd run 5 days a week for the eight weeks I had before Bali. So far so good. I've run 5 times in three of the last four weeks and four times in the other week. Happily I have build my distance with a couple of 12km runs and a 15km run. As things improve I am forming some actual running goals (not just vainty goals) and I'm thinking a half marathon is in the offing. So... There's a half in Melbourne on the 15th of July which is a good option other than the fact it is two days after we return from Bali. I'm guessing there's not going to be a shitload of running in Bali - but there will be a shitload of drinking - which means I will have gone backwards a little. It might be an option though. In any case, I see a half marathon in coming months as a fait accompli if my body lets me. After that? Who knows? Do I... dare I say it, have a full marathon in me???