Friday, October 14, 2011

Tomorrow is my big ride; the BUPA Around The Bay In A Day.

The tension has been building inside me all week. Had some sort of mini anxiety attack yesterday; butterflies, light-headedness and shaky. Today there's just heaps of butterflies messing with my stomach. To try and combat this I'm busying myself prepping my bike. Had a trip to Goldcross Cycles to purchase a few things including a new gel saddle. I'd prefer not to be changing my equipment before such a big ride but my saddle definately isn't made to be sitting in for 8+ hours.
I've also put my 'tri-bars' back on. Not because I'm going to be riding in an aggressive position for speed though! But because I think I'll need a few different positions to rest different parts of my body.

The ride itself will take me from Alexandra Gardens in Melbourne, 100kms to Sorrento. This section doesn't worry me too much. I'll have lunch in Sorrento and catch the ferry to Queenscliff. From there the next leg is 35kms into Rippleside Park in Geelong. I'll see Renee here and hopefully the kids. Renee will have food, gels, drinks and spare clothes in case I need any of that stuff. The final stretch is the part that scares me; the last 75kms from Geelong to Melbourne. If I'm to fail it'll be on this long, boring road. If I can get to Werribee and see Melbourne, I think I'll make it. We'll find out tomorrow, I guess.

This is Cadel's fault. When he won the Tour de France I decided I'd try and do this ride. He made long rides look easy. They aren't.

With Love,

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chezzie said...

You will be fine my friend. I have confidence in you. Good luck and I'll see you after the ride. xxx