Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hi all,

Thought I'd check in and say 'hi'. 2011 continues to look positive for me and mine. I recently put an offer in on a unit which was accepted, but sadly the finance fell through. Not to be too put off I contacted a different broker who has been looking for finance for me. An application went in on Thursday and it's looking fairly good. I should find out midweek if we are good to go. The unit I originally offered on is still available. Fingers crossed!

Work is FANTASIC! We had some big changes in the centre and in my room (the 3-5 year olds) over the new year and things have settled beautifully. Mim and Danielle have brought their years of experience and I'm learning heaps and enjoying each day. Some of the toddlers who have moved up into our room can be very challenging, but on balance, things are great.

Anzac and Lola are awesome. Anzac started kinder last week which was a lovely moment for Trinity, Anzac and myself. School next year! Can't believe it. He will be five in April. Can't believe it.

Spent the afternoon in Point Lonsdale with my dear friend Bex today. Bumped into several kids from work; it's great to be involved in a smallish community.

I started running in mid January and have been churning out some good kilometres. I set a goal in February to run 100 kms and ended up doing 156 kms. I'm actually enjoying the running while I'm doing it. Usually, I run, not enjoy it, and then feel glad I did. To be enjoying it while I'm doing it is a real bonus and makes it easy to stay motivated. My immediate goal is to run the Geelong half marathon on May 1st. Shouldn't be a problem if the body doesn't give me any trouble. After that I'll think about a full marathon, but I'm reluctant to make it a goal. Just don't feel like I need the pressure, especially considering I'm enjoying running so much at the moment. I've lost about 5kgs in the last six weeks.

So that's me right now. Happy, healthy, single (and okay with that!), optimistic.

With love,

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