Saturday, October 23, 2010

Home sweet...?

I'm happy to admit I've done a great job preparing our house for sale. It has been some damn hard work, and a bit of money, but I think we have a really saleable product. Yes, it's simply a product now.
This isn't the home in which the four of us will share our life; that ideal has passed. Instead, Trin and I go our seperate ways into the great unknown. There will be two really emotional days in the coming months; the first will be when the hammer falls on auction day, the second will be closing the door behind us when we leave for the last time.
But I have time to get used to the idea. *Sigh*

It was Lola's 3rd birthday on the 14th. I can't believe my baby girl is three. She's a wonderful kid. So much (too much?) personality, I can barely keep up with her. Anzac continues to grow into such a good human being. He is so kind, caring and gentle. He loves loving, and loves being loved. He is my pride and joy.

I've been in my new career for about five or six weeks now and I'm thinking childcare was a good choice. I work in the kinder room until 3pm, and then I'm with the after school schoolies. I'm having a ball with the children, and my kinder room collegues are ace.