Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hi sports fans.

Friday just gone was my last day at Kaisercraft.

I have just finished the best seven years of employment I could ever have dreamt of. Stephen Kaiser has given me opportunities to shine based on faith and trust that I'd get the job done. I'm pretty sure I haven't let him down.
Highlights over my time have been-

- The occasional 'KAISERrush' shift, where an impossible amount of work needs to get done in limited time. This was the stuff that seperated the 'men from the boys' so to speak. 24 hour shifts are incredibly satisfying when it turns that impossible task into the completed task.
- Being runner up to my best mate, Aaron, in the 2008 Kaisercraft Employee of the Year.
- Kaisercraft receiving the Best New Entry award in the Geelong Business Excellence Awards in 2008.
- Working with my best friends for seven years.
- The leadership team's YMCA dance at the 2008 Christmas Party.
- Being charged with the task of opening the first Kaisercraft outlet (in Geelong) with 6 weeks to get it done from concept to completion.
- Knowing Kaisercraft has put many, many thousands of dollars into charities during my time there. (Particularly building the boys' home in Sri Lanka - kids have a warm, safe bed because of what we are doing at Kaisercraft).

I have had massive, massive highs in my time at Kaisercraft, and I have had deep troughs. I am grateful for every single second of my time there.

Thank you to all the scrappers I have met in person, or through blogs and forums. I wish you all the best. It's been great.

Simon (Notascrapper!)


Lee-Anne said...

They dont know what they are losing Simon - you will be missed - I should have left this comment two hours ago but I have been lost in your blog catching up with whats happening in your world - you writing is very readable - totally enjoyable

Marelle said...

all the best simon for whatever road you take

Marelle said...

all the best simon for whatever road you take

cherbear said...

You know that you are an awesome man and whatever you do will be successful. You passion and dedication are inspiring.If it wasn't for Kaisercraft I wouldn't have met you. You go and do what you want and or need to do and do it well. Love you my GOD sent friend. Luv Chez.

Debbie said...

All the best Simon for wherever your next venture is... you are a great guy and you will be missed I am sure at Kaiser. All the very best and I hope you are happy and well :)