Thursday, April 1, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things...

Because my bedroom is my only personal space in the world, most of what is in it is my favourite stuff. Have a look -

This photo has a few favs. The old radiogram is something I picked up for free from the Mill Market in Geelong. I think it is just a beautiful piece of furniture, and the radio works. I love my red TV, but worry about its future when the analogue signal gets switched off shortly. Also love my old fan, which I got from the Sunday market several years ago. You can just make out my glass trophy, I recieved that for being Kaisercraft's runner up employee of the year in 2008. It's something i'm unashamedly proud of.

Here's some old movie posters we bought at Mark Ward's Antiques. I actually made the frames from scratch. Can't believe I went to the trouble. I think these are cool as!

Who doesn't love books? I don't have a book shelf so mine accumilate in piles on the floor.

Trin got this awesomely horrid rug depicting the Last Supper from her nana's garage sale. I BLOODY LOVE this thing. Religious paraphernalia is so dorky which makes it great.

Mum and Dad got me this last year when I was having a really rough patch. I don't know how they got it, particularly how they got it signed 'to Simon' by Gary Ablett Jnr, but I do know when I look at it I am reminded how much they love me.


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Awww that's some cool stuff! I especially love the red tv!!!