Monday, August 31, 2009

A time to share.

This is just one part of "Kid o'clock". Kid o'clock is how I describe the time between leaving work, and giving the kids back to thier mum, to my friend Katie. Kid o'clock includes the pick up from daycare, getting home, making dinner, having baths, getting in our PJs, brushing teeth and the drop off. If you have kids, you'll be able to relate to Kid o'clock. My friend knows that during Kid o'clock, my attention is with them, so I may not always be available to her.

Lola is more than happy to pose for a happy snap!

Sunday morniong at the park. Life's good!

Lola Pearl's first ever trip to the footy.

Perfection! (Boogers and all!)

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SkyeMJ said...

Just like beer o'clock, except much sweeter and more rewarding (and no hangover!)

PS - who's katie??! oooooh! Simon and Katie sitting in a tree...