Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is about my relationship with Katie...

Hide And Seek

Flowering too quickly
A love
Bright like the sun hurting the eyes
And then gone like the autumn leaf
Gold then brown then fallen
Returning to the earth

And a winter that endures
Time and distance
Too long
Ranges vast and wide
Where time merely survives and waits
And waits
For a returning sun

Not like a slow breaking dawn
But a supernova of passion
The sun returns
From child like games
It hides and I seek
The ripe plump fruit the tree yields
Brought to life by a light once lost

Shifting across the boundless skies
A reckless moon covers a sun
Not yet strong enough to endure
A daytime quickly brought to night
Where winter returns too soon
Fruit and flowers and leaves and life
Fall to the sodden dirt
To once more begin a life
Borne from the womb of the mother earth.

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