Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our day (if you care)...

We had a really good day. Anzac, Lola and I went to 'The Big City', AKA Melbourne. We parked near the Shrine and walked into the CBD. I like to get the kids amongst people, crowds. They don't see much of that sort of 'busyness' in G-town.

I had never been to the Shrine. Disgraceful really. I have to go to a dawn service soon.

Notice Lola's shoe missing? I didn't. Realised a couple of blocks later... where could it be? Had to retrace our steps.

And there it was. Way back in Fed Square. What a pain in the bum!

Good advice for life, I think. (A wall in Chinatown).


Debbie said...

I care...:)
What a pain in the bum going back to get that shoe....funny though that you actually took photos of it :)

SkyeMJ said...

Aww not only were you in the city and didn't have coffee with me, but you were like 200m from my house!
I live in South Yarra, just behind the Shrine/Botanical Gardens!

So glad you had such a good day with the littlies - great little photo diary! :)