Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blood and Beer.

Michael and I. Opera Bar.



The Silver Fox, my cousin Ian, Brother Michael, Me.

A great day with real life blood relatives! And beers.
I wasn't sure about hanging out with my cousin Ian while we were in Sydney. Dad organised it, and I'm not sure if it was out of a sense of duty, or that he really wanted to meet him again after so long. My fears were unfounded. Ian was not at all 'English', which is, we know, often boring and miserable. Maybe that's why he moved from England.
We spent the whole afternoon at the Opera Bar on Circular Quay, with Ian, his wife Olivia and daughters Phoebe and Victoria. They were all lovely. None of it felt awkward or contrived, it was really natural.
Eventually we made it back to the hotel in Kings Cross, carrying the Silver Fox (Dad) most of the way back. He got a second wind and we went to a pub. Schooners were $3 each, a blessed relief after paying $6 all day. We stayed in the pub a couple of hours before Foxy took off home, blind drunk, Michael went wherever he was going, and I wandered around Kings Cross. I got back to the hotel after a while and crashed.
I'm typing this in Sydney airport as I wait for our flight home.
I feel terrible.


SkyeMJ said...

Its only ever the awesome fun weekends that you feel that crappy after :)
Looks like you ghad one of those!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Simon, you've put all my feelings about Sunday into perfect words. I was so nervous on Sunday morning that I threw up - I didn't know what you guys were expecting. I love you all.