Monday, July 6, 2009

Untitled post...


Bloody horrible place,
Full so often of sick people,
Too infrequently with healthy people,
I'm here tonight, now,

The floor's cold,
My arse is sore,
Punching out shit poetry,
On my laptop,

Four men,
For smarter men than us,
To fix a mum, a wife,

Mild heart attack,
When used with the words 'heart' and 'attack',

We talk about other stuff,
Pointless stuff, footy,
The footy mattered yesterday,
It doesn't matter today,

Dear smarter men,
Fix a mum, a wife,
Make her better,
We aren't ready to not have her here,
Thank you.


jess said...

Hey Simon...thinking of your family...hope the clever men can help your mum!

chez said...

You know I'll keep on praying. Love to you all.

Debbie said...

Sorry to hear about your Mum Simon. Hospitals are an awful place but the best place if you are sick :)

SkyeMJ said...

Simon you just made me tear up.
I hope she's doing ok babe.