Monday, June 15, 2009

Flogging a Dead...

Dead horse is a euphemism for sauce,
But they gave Mr Ed Peanut butter,
To make him look like he was talking,
A horse can't talk of course,

Phar Lap didn't eat peanut butter,
His stick like legs,
Defying physics to carry his 500 kilo bulk,
Then dead, poisoned by some nutter,

"Nuts" is the folly of steeplechase,
Running fast and jumping a bad idea,
Results in bullets in the heads,
Of horses who have run their last race,

Horses are like motorbikes,
Except they have a brain,
Horses that is,
Actually, they are nothing alike,

Have you had a sore throat,
You've been a bit hoarse,
Which is a lot better than feeling a horse,
Do that and you will be smote.

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