Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Like School on Sundays (me).

He has a French accent,
It sounds out of place,
Sitting us in our place,
He'll get us water,

Swanky, we're meant to think.
A bit wanky is what I reckon,
It is, if you think about it,
A glorified food hall,

Food delivered,
The French guy has a wooden table leg,
It turns out to be a too large pepper grinder,
Say 'when' he says,

The grub was good,
And we're meant to be grateful,
That the bread is gratis,
He pointed that out,

Good company is great though,
And his French accent,
I think he is bunging it on,
They don't do that at Maccas.


chez said...

Can I get the first autographed book when it's released. My budding poet. Waiting for the next edition.

SkyeMJ said...

haha - i don't mind when if they're faking the accent - i like being fawned over!

Melissa Kennedy said...

i like pepper!!!!