Friday, May 29, 2009

Highlights from Crop for a Cause.

Debbie's punishment for secretly taking her photo on my camera is to have said photo published on my blog!
Two of my favourites, Kylie and Chezzie.
Aggie and Me. She's a good person. Me, not so much.


Debbie said...

AWWWW!!! Thats not fair Simon....

SkyeMJ said...

great shots!
Was there another crop for a cause or are these from last month?
I have to get down for one of those sometime!

Marelle said...

Debbie, that will learn you not to use Simon's camera lol
Great shots with you and Kylie and Shezzzz and Aggie - it was a great day !
Skye this was from the last one, could you pls try and make it for July 11th honey?? would be great to meet irl love!

Melissa Kennedy said...

Too funny about Deb
I love the photo