Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Every Saturday is Father's Day.

The kids and I have had a couple of great weekends. Last weekend we went to the iconic Fairy Park in Anakie. Strangely, as an adult, it wasn't half as dodgy as I remember it being from when I was a kid.

The weekend before that we went to the Zoo with Nain (Anzac and Lola's Nan - "Nain" is grandmother in Welsh).

Trin has been super busy with her studies recently so it is important that the kids still get to do fun stuff. I'm not sure who has enjoyed our outings more... them or me!

Look! A giraffe!

Look! Pinocchio!


Antonella Ryan said...

Looks like you guys had a blast Simon!!!

chez said...

You are an awesome Dad, which I'm sure I have told you many times. I love the way you do things with the kids that will be such an awesome memory for them later in life. Yes they will remember. You rock...

SkyeMJ said...

Hey mate, just got your comments :)
Thanks again for thinking of me!

Man you've got a gorgeous couple of kids - it always sounds like you are so in love with them :) It's a very special think to read about!


Rebecca Beattie said...

sounds like you have been enjoying some quality time with them... when are we going to see some new scrapping from you???

Melissa Kennedy said...

fairy park isn't too bad hey!!!
now scrap those zoo photos for us with the new animal papers - come on .....please