Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day Weekend (My favourite weekend of the year).

First things first... people shouldn't wear the Australian flag like some perverse sort of super-villian cape, it's disrespectful.

As always, Australia Day Weekend was awesome. AWESOME!

Brief synopsis - Friday night was beers with Aaron while watching the cricket.

Saturday we picked up Bern and Azz's new jetski. The weather wasn't great so we decided an afternoon 'session' was in order. The three of us had a few at home before heading to the Barwon Club. Settled in for a while there before heading into town to Beav's. Got shot down when I went to have a chat to a girl there. Her friend then came over and was a real bitch (excuse my language) which I was a bit confused about, because after the original girl said she wasn't interested I just left it alone. Still trying to work out why the friend can over and gave me an earfull...

On Sunday we did go out on the jetski, launching at Clifton Springs. It was a beautiful day and the jetski is unbelievably good fun. Had a go on the 'donut' but it was getting a bit choppy so it was equal parts fun and danger. I got flipped off and ate s**t. My private part were sore for a few hours. Took the kids down the waterfront and had fish and chips in the park with Ruth, Raph and Isaiah (after growing up without and relatives, it's so nice that my kids have cousins to hang out with). Watched Slumdog Millionaire on Sunday night. Great movie. GREAT!

The first launch!


Took the kids down Clifton Springs again on Monday and had a ball. They were just so happy to chill out on the beach, splashing around in the water and eating a bit of sand. I had a go on the wakeboard and was really happy that it felt a bit easier than last time. With a few 40 plus degree days forecast, I'm hoping Bern and Az go out on the water after work this week.

Bring it on!

Proud Dad, proud Aussie.


sandra said...

wow what a great day!
I agree with your statement about the flag... I also find it sad that some people believe that if they have an aussie flag wrapped around their shoulders it gives them the right to racially vilify someone... so totally UNAUSTRALIAN and uncool. (will get off my soapbox now lol)
love that last photo... your kids are gorgeous and a great way to use the aussie flag!
Pretty hot over here too (I'm in SA on the Eyre Peninsula )
it got to around 47 here today..a real stinker!

Antonella Ryan said...

I'd have to say that is one very cute photo!