Monday, January 12, 2009

600 pages in two sittings.

Okay, so I know I am years behind the times, but I just read The DaVinci Code.
What an awesome book! I was onlyt 150 pages in when I decided it is one of the best I've ever read. I finished it last night (read it in two sittings, couldn't put it down!) and just had to tell anyone who hasn't read it to get it. I loved it. Clever, fast paced, easy to read.

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SkyeMJ said...

When i saw '600 pages in 2 sittings', I immediately thought you meant scrapbooking! I was thinking "geez, whoever did that needs a life..." and should be sponsered by Kodak or something!

ANYWAY you are a reading machine! I haven't read it yet... sort of putting it off. I started Angels and Demons, but kind of found something I enjoyed more and never bothered going back to it!

And yes, I said Chicas! that's the latina in me... only i'm not latina enough to know the male equivalent - chicos? that just makes me think of lollies! :)

Take care!

(P.S - I think it's about time for a new layout from you mr!)