Monday, December 15, 2008


"Celebrate we will, 'cause life is short but sweet for certain." Dave Matthews

Here's my newest layout, which I completed yesterday. I pinched the 'passion' theme from a LO I saw on Skye's blog.

I've gone with Kaisercraft's 'On The Dot' paper range for this one. Not super happy with the result, Nicole (from Kaiser's design team) thinks maybe I should try a black and white version of my photo... I think that could improve it.

I went with something I've not done before as well, the strip of paper at the top with the quote on it is actually sewn on. Go me! The sewing machine cracked it with me about halfway along and I feared my LO was stuffed but the impact was negligable.

Oh, you might be wondering who the guy in the photo is... It's Dave Matthews from the Dave Matthews Band, my all time favourite band. They make my life better!


SkyeMJ said...

Dave Matthews is fabulous... I used to think Crash was one of the most romantic songs ever until my brother alerted me to the fact that it's just about sex! Duh Skye!

This is such a great layout! The doodling and handwriting look great! I don't know any other guys with handwriting that nice!

Simon said...

It's sort of about sex...
It's about a guy who isn't with his girl anymore, he watches her through the window wanting her back!
On one of my live CD's Dave breifly explains it. I'll trawl through and try and find the bit I'm talking about.

It takes a bit of effort to write neat! Glad you like it!

Princess Tamara said...

Hi there ... love the polls, that's a cool idea! I love Dave Matthews - and Skye, I think that for some men, sex IS romantic, so it's still a romantic song! lol

Popping in from Scrap Therapy, by the way - love the layouts!

Al said...

Oh wow Simon, I saw your LO in your office the other day and the photo on your blog doesn't do it justice. Cos it looks awesome! You did great ;)
Love all the circles behind the title - very eye catching! Well done!

Wendy Smith said...

I really love the whole looks great