Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am a cliche'!

Yes, just like every other parent ever I'm going to bang on about how gorgeous my kids are...

Lola Pearl met Santa for the first time yesterday and loved every minute of it... NOT!
Anzac wasn't up for sitting on Santa's knee, but at least he could muster up a smile (or is it an ironic grin?) for the camera!

Aren't they just precious?


jes said...

Awwwww poor little Lola looks terrified!!
still cute though... :)

SkyeMJ said...

I think Anzac might have just wanted to get a bit of Elf action!
He might have been scared of Santa, but he looks pleased to be sitting on her lap!

Poor little Lola Pearl! I love that look of sheer terror!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh my gosh Lola so doesn't like santa huh????cant blame her his scary to me too LOL

and yes they are so precious indeed

Al said...

Hehe ... look at poor Lola will you. OMGOSH she looks scared huh?
Great photos - all too soon those little babies of yours will be big like mine. They are such sweeties ;)

sandra said...

what lovely memories! poor little Lola!
thought of you this Christmas.. hope you and your kids had a wonderful christmas.