Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More from Kaisercraft's 100 to 1

So, you may have seen some photos from the Kaisercraft 100 to 1 - but, hey, why not see some more. After all, it was a great day!

Christy Clarke, being presented with her GIANT NOVELTY GIFT VOUCHER!

Chez (Manager of Kaisercraft's Retail operatons - Victoria), Lorraine Bate (Consulting Editor, Scrapbooking Creations), and Me, judging final five.

Me and Aggie!

Final preparations...


Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

Hi Simon

Love your blog space by the way:) Looks like everyone had fun at the Kaiser 100 to 1. I wished I lived closer to Melbourne:(:(

Looking forward to following your blog and your adventures.

regards Angie

SkyeMJ said...

You got a comment from Angie!
I think you're poaching my readers! ;)

I might have to put you on my blog list - i love the idea of a male scrapper blog! (yeah, i know, you're 'not a scrapper'!)

Great shots too btw! Was such a fun day!
When are we going to see another layout?!!