Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kaisercraft's 100 to 1

Yesterday was the first ever Kaisercraft 100 to 1 scrapbooking competition. What a great day. I was lucky enough to 'MC' the day - a duty that isn't entirely within my comfort zone, but soemthing that I really enjoyed. I couldn't believe the quality of the work that the girls produced in such a short time frame (and with the cameras on them!).
It was an awesome day, showcasing what I think will be one of Australia's best scrapbooking workshop spaces, and on top of that, $1500 was raised to help the kiddies.
Happy days!


SkyeMJ said...

The cameras freaked me out... and the interviews... i felt like a zoo animal in the last round, being watched and pointed at and whispered about!!!

You did such a great job as MC! I look very forward to the next one and to meeting you again!

Thanks for the encouragement!


ros said...

u did a great job. ive thought for the next one we could have an extra round thrown in there. One where the kaiser staff have 30 minutes to scrap a page that we can judge, mistery bag of supplies of course. sounds good :) thanks for a fun day.

Marelle said...

but I would give them 20 mins
hee hee
Simon, you did a great job as MC
was a great day

Patrick Douglas said...

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