Monday, November 3, 2008

Guys hurt too.

My wife and I split up a couple of months ago, well, I split up with her. It doesnt mean it's not hard for me. I'm sure it is alot tougher for her, but... yeah...
It's strange being alone after 8 years together. I once loved my own company, now I'm not so sure. Going to bed alone is the worst part, not touching someone elses leg with mine. I miss that.
The emotions are the hardest part I think. Emotions are draining. You don't have to actually 'do' anything to be exhausted at the end of the day. Funny that.
Maybe I'll scrap a break up page, or maybe not.
I told the design girls at Kaisercraft (where I work) a while back (before the break-up) that we should design a 'Broken Heart' album... I reckon it could work. But they thought it was a crap idea. Never mind.
Anyway, tomorrow's another day.


SkyeMJ said...

:( I hear you loud and clear... hope you're doing ok!

Debbie said...

It sucks for the kids too... My brother inlaw has been through a nasty split and with kids involved its awful...Women can be soooo nasty. (not all of them of course :))
Hope it sorts out for the best... For EVERYONE...

Simon said...

Trin and I are getting along really well now... Fingers crossed.

sandra said...

So sorry to hear about the rough patch that you are going through.
Its good to hear that you are getting on better, hopefully it all works out for the best for everyone concerned.
chin up!..