Friday, November 21, 2008

GOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!! Stop...

Ahhh! That's better.
Been one hell of a week. At Kaisercraft we have just moved the entire company into a new premises. It has been mayhem. Six AM starts, 10 - 11PM finishes. I am tired and satisfied in equal parts.
What a team we have, almost without exception everyone just got stuck in, worked as a team, and got the job done. The unspoken boundaries that seperate departments disappeared and it was simply one unit working toward one goal. I am so proud of everyone. No wonder Kaisercraft keeps producing such awesome products - with a team like that, we are bound to!
Personally, I am knackered. It has been a pretty full-on couple of months - organising the new Kaiser shop, then getting the workshop ready for the 100 to 1 scrap off, and then, with barely a moment to catch one's breath, it was the big move.
It's tiring just thinking about it!
Anyway, back to my scotch and coke; a drink well earned. Cheers.


Debbie said...

You ALL worked your butts off last week and doesnt the new premises look fantastic for it.
We have sooooo much more room...although I will miss being close to some of the girls who have offices now (and well deserved offices:)) but are a bit further away than they used to be so we wont be able to hear each other and yell out stuff!!! :)

SkyeMJ said...

Hope it's all settling down ok!

There's something at my blog for you!

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

Hope things get back to normal for you now simon:)