Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Anzac. More than a name" My 30 minute Layout

So, here it is... my 30 minute LO.
I was really happy with how it was going, and then...
I got to about the 28 minute mark and panicked. The bit with the journaling was done in the last 2 minutes and I HATE it. I don't like how it is a block the same size of the photo, it shouldn't be.
So yeah. That's it. Try and picture it without that bit, I think it would look alot better.

The journaling is a bit hard to read. It says;"Your name is Anzac! Be proud. I want you to understand why we live in a free country... and I want to instill in you the values of those who fought and died for us... COURAGE, MATESHIP, SELF SACRIFICE. BE the best you can be."


SkyeMJ said...

Oh it looks great!
I was expecting a disaster from your comments!

What's wrong with it?!

Super cute kid you have there too!


sandra said...

Looks great Simon... I'm with Skye.. I was expecting a disaster too... quite inspiring actually.
30 minutes, wow!
What a cutie.. and I LOVE his name and the journalling is fantastic.

Debbie said...

GREAT LO Simon. I must try doing one in 30 minutes...what a challenge it must have been.

ros said...

good on u for challenging urself! i love the lo. i think the size of the journal block sits really well on the page and wouldnt change a thing. awsome page

Marelle said...

Ok I think all Kaiser staff need to try the 30mins time line
it is a challenge Debbie - cannot wait to see yours xx

Ali said...

nice LO simon - especially in a 30 min time frame!! anzac's the biggest cutie!!

Wendy Smith said...

I think it looks Fabulous...Simon you are the only male scrapper I ahve eer come across...good on you!